IISE Regional Conference GT 2018


Georgia Tech Hotel Atlanta, GA


February 2nd-5th 2018

About IISE Regional Conference 2018

Welcome to the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers 2018 Southeast Regional Conference!

This year, the conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia hosted by the Georgia Institute of Technology. Sustainability has been ongoing discussion within the workplace as well as within our daily lives. As industrial engineers, we play a role in helping to build a more sustainable world in order to use our resources wisely. With our various breakout sessions, speakers and activities, the 2018 conference hopes to supply you with a greater understanding of how industrial engineers can truly make a difference in the future of our world!

Conference Schedule

Below you'll find the schedule for IISE Regional Conference GT 2018. We'll keep this page regularly updated with all new speakers and sessions, so be sure to keep checking in!

Disclaimer: Rooms are available to book Sunday night, however conference events end Sunday afternoon

Our Executive Board


Danielle Gresge & Vooha Vellanki

Co-Presidents We oversee the executive board and handle general conference correspondence. We want the 2018 Southeast Regional Conference to be a place for IISE students to network, explore career opportunities, and gain a greater sense of knowledge about their area of study! iise.gt.conference@gmail.com

Grace Oberst, Kelly Kronenberger

Publications Publications’ main priority is to spread the word of this year’s conference to the southeastern IISE communities online and through print. We establish the theme, logo and run all social media platforms to ensure conference attendees are in the know of the latest updates. Can’t wait to meet you all in February! iise.gt.publications@gmail.com

Nineesha Koshy, Felipe Galarza, & Shashvat Parikh

Corporate Relations Corporate Relations’ main responsibility is to reach out to companies and keynote speakers whom we want students to connect with and learn from. We’re excited to see students grow in their skills, knowledge and passion for industrial engineering through their interactions with the companies. iise.gt.corporaterelations@gmail.com

Shefali Jain, Walker Nance

Registration The Registration team invites attendees to register for the conference, and helps interested people through the registration process. We also plan the schedule for the weekend, including events like workshops, the career fair, socials, and plant tours. iise.gt.registrar@gmail.com

Ooha Edupuganti, Ryan Vaskov, Lauren Dong

Logistics Logistics’ main goal is to coordinate booking accommodation, event space, as well as local activities to ensure all guests have an enjoyable, hassle-free time. We can’t wait to see how the weekend comes together and the events we have planned for attendees! iise.gt.logistics@gmail.com

Anisha Anand, Teresa Moreno

Head Volunteer Our objective as Head Volunteers is to recruit and schedule student volunteers to ensure smooth preparation and execution of all events and to serve as points of contact for attendees throughout the weekend. We are eager to work alongside our volunteers to have a successful conference! iise.gt.volunteer@gmail.com

Kris Clark, Trishla Chokshi

Finance The Finance team prepares and maintains the overall budget for the conference. We help to prescribe decisions for other teams using this financial information while also listening to others' feedback on financial matters. Overall, we aim for the IISE Regional Conference to go as smoothly as possible while all participating can have as much fun as they can! iise.gt.finance@gmail.com

Technical Paper

> Students must be an undergraduate student when the nominated paper is written.

> Paper can be projects done for a company as part of a course, internship, or other activity. They may be undergraduate research projects done at the home institution.

> A faculty member may serve as an advisor on a project, but the work should primarily be done by the students.

> A faculty member cannot be a co-author of the paper.

> Only IISE members are eligible to participate.

> Each participating university, including the host institution, may submit up to two papers as entries.

> Send submissions to iise.gt.conference@gmail.com

Deadline for Submissions: January 19th

The paper should be written in a professional journal format, including page numbers and table of contents. Every principal author must make an oral presentation at their respective University Region Conference. The first place winner will be eligible to compete in the Undergraduate Technical Paper Competition Global Finals at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo in May 19-22, 2018 in Orlando, Fla.

At the regional level, the paper may be written and delivered in the language of the region, or in the language established by the host committee (host committees should, of course, confer with the other chapters in the region before making any decision). The conference host committee is strongly encouraged to budget funds for translation of the document into English, should it be necessary.

English is the official language of the IISE Annual Conference & Expo. The written document must be submitted in English for judging at the international level. Translation services are not provided by IISE. See http://www.iise.org/Details.aspx?id=863 for more information

School Individual/Group Registration


Conference fee not including hotel prices.

Deadline to Register: January 19


Company Registration

Price Varies

Sponsorship Packages


Companies Attending

We wouldn't be able to host our conference without help from these amazing companies. A huge thanks to all of the companies and partners attending the conference this weekend!

Career Fair
Career Fair
Career Fair
Workshop & Career Fair

Conference Venue

Join us at an amazing space. Georgia Tech Hotel is the perfect place to unlock your creativity plus the official conference hotel, all in the heart of Atlanta.

You and your group are required to reserve hotel rooms separately from ticket purchase! Deadline to register for conference and book hotels is January 12th.


Georgia Tech Hotel, Atlanta

800 Spring Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308

Phone: (404) 347-9440


Transportation To and From Airport

Public Transportation Option: MARTA Website

or download the Uber/Lyft app

Conference Venue Map

Other places to explore in Atlanta

IISE GT Conference 2018

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